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Mission And Vision

Mission And Vision

The IPsphere Forum Vision is of a world where

(1) Creators and users of online experiences are unencumbered by the difficulties they face with today’s network infrastructures.

(2) Customers are offered a broader range of services than are available on today’s global networks.

(3) The supply chain will cooperate via a multi-stakeholder market-driven model where innovation is encouraged and fairly rewarded.


Mission Statement

IPsphere Forum is enabling the “Business of IP” by developing an open multi-stakeholder web-services framework for the rapid creation and automated deployment of IP based services. Mechanisms are defined for the automated offer, purchase and provisioning of service components between multiple stakeholders. In addition to architecture and detailed implementation specifications, IPsphere provides a Pre-Commercial Testbed for pilot program testing and the demonstration of multi-vendor interoperability.

IPsphere Forum complements of the work of existing standards organizations and welcomes open participation from service providers, content providers, OSS/BSS suppliers, network equipment vendors, and IT equipment vendors.


The IPsphere Forum values

Respect: Members, directors, and staff value and respect all persons and their points of view. All persons are treated with honesty, integrity, and fairness.

Transparency: We believe in complete transparency in all our interactions and conduct activities in a manner that is lawful and fair, with the highest level of integrity to both members and non-members. Transparency inspires trust and performance inside the IPsphere Forum and meaningful visibility outside it.

Leadership: Strong leadership guides the Forum through challenges to accomplish our Mission. Leadership has the responsibility to provide a strong ethical environment that fosters behavior to the highest standards.

Teamwork: We value one another and work together as a team, seeking solutions through open discussions, contribution of resources and consensus building to achieve our goals. We take ownership of our work and responsibility for our actions and decisions.

Participation: The success of the IPsphere Forum is dependent on the contribution of resources by its members, including manpower, work product, sponsorship, finances and advocacy. We recognize and acknowledge efforts that contribute to the success of the organization.