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Committee And Working Group

Committee And Working Group

Work Program Committee (WPC)

Charter: WPC sets and manages the Forum technical work program acting as a plenary for working group. The WPC issues Calls for Contributions and allocates these to working groups; the WPC also reviews and decides on proposals submitted by working groups including: requests for straw ballots and requests for Final ballots.

Business Dimensions Working Group (BDWG)

Charter: BDWG is responsible for primacy of business aspects in the IPsphere Forum – through development & tuning of overall “business framework” reconciling the perspectives of both service users and service providers, and the parsing of member contributed (& board sanctioned) use cases through the “business framework” and into RAWG “technical framework”.

Reference Architecture Working Group (RAWG)

Charter: RAWG is responsible for the technical framework of the IPsphere Forum – through development & tuning of overall reference architecture & associated specifications. Technical framework is tuned via ongoing validation against IPsphere BDWG “use cases”, IPsphere RIWG “execution framework”, and also against activities underway in other industry standards communities.

Reference Implementation Working Group (RIWG)

Charter: Prove and tune technical framework via actual implementation, also showcase to promote & evangelize IPsphere functionality.

Service Provider Council (SPC)

Charter: To provide requirements, architectural direction and best common practices for IPSF; review any new work items in the light of example operational aspects; stimulate the generation of meaningful use cases and contributions for providers; and discuss technologies for achieving commercial agreements or providing business opportunities between service providers.

Marketing Committee (MC)

Charter: Drive awareness of the issues being addressed within the IPSF – framed in “Business of IP” context; articulate & promote the value of IPSF activities to key constituents; promote value of membership in the IPSF.

Recruitment Committee

Charter: To promote IPsphere Forum membership recruitment and retention through the development of stakeholder-specific value propositions and programs aimed at member satisfaction, member prospect outreach, and overall IPsphere Forum awareness among industry influencers.


The IPsphere Forum is managed by Association Management Solutions, LLC based in Fremont, California. To reach a member of the IPsphere Forum staff please call 510.4112.4045 or email one of the staff members below.