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Outlines Framework for Cooperative

Outlines Framework for Cooperative

The IPsphere Forum, an international consortium of communications industry leaders, today announced several key milestones in the Forum’s formal work program – highlighted by the delivery of the IPsphere Forum Commercial Framework.

“Generating a profitable business model for all stakeholders in the IP services industry cannot be left to chance. The IPsphere Forum is dedicated to reducing the risk of preparing for the future, and to accelerating the innovation that will secure that future,” said Kevin Dillon, Chairman of the IPsphere Forum. “The release of the IPsphere Forum commercial framework is a substantial step forward in advancing cooperation with today’s services and future innovation.”

“The IPsphere commercial framework provides a business-based mechanism to enable every producer in the chain of IP services fulfillment to mitigate the risks and share the rewards of overall market development.” said Brian Levy, Group CTO-Services of BT 21C. “It outlines a pan-industry commercial environment where those with service elements to offer can join to create profitable end-to-end services that meet the financial objectives of everyone who contributes.”

The IPsphere Forum also announced completion of the first showcase of its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based technical platform based on this commercial framework. On May 9 in Tokyo, Japan the IPsphere Forum’s Reference Implementation Working Group staged a working instantiation of IPsphere mediated next generation, structured video services to leading Asia Pacific network, content, and application service providers.

In addition, the IPsphere Forum demonstrated its ongoing commitment to developing relationships with standards bodies by confirming a formal liaison with the International Telecommunications Union Telecom Standardization Sector (ITU-T) as defined by the ITU-T’s Recommendation A.4. The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) is one of the three Sectors of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

“The Tokyo showcase clearly demonstrates that the IPsphere Forum has moved well beyond the theoretical,” said Monique Morrow, Vice-chair of the IPsphere Forum. “In addition to validating our technical reference architecture, the Tokyo showcase also highlights the continued and ever-growing interest in the IPsphere Forum’s mission from all sectors of the communications industry. And, as we continue to advance our technical reference architecture, the formal relationship with the ITU-T demonstrates the IPsphere Forum’s commitment to fostering an open, standards-based environment.”

Finally, with these achievements in place, the IPsphere Forum convened its quarterly member meeting last week in Sophia Antipolis, France – a meeting which featured the addition of new members TrueBaseline and Hammerhead Systems. The meeting also marked the first working session for the newly-formed Service Provider Council.

“The Service Provider Council (SPC) serves a critical purpose in defining and articulating the specific commercial and technical needs of service provider members within the IPsphere Forum,” said Christian Jacquenet, Director of Standardization Member Organization, France Telecom. “The formation of the SPC provides an inclusive, consolidated voice for providers in driving IPsphere Forum requirements.”


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