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Deliver Keynote, Sessions at SOA Telecom Conference

Deliver Keynote, Sessions at SOA Telecom Conference

The IPsphere Forum, a nonprofit organization dedicated to unleashing the business and societal benefits of IP convergence will present the Keynote address at the SOA Telecom Conference. Additionally, several IPsphere Forum representatives will present on the relationship between IPsphere and SOA in a special session entitled SOA & IPsphere: The Case. The conference takes place from 17 – 20 April in Paris, France.

What – The IPsphere Forum delivers its vision for Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) in telecommunications at this important industry conference.

Who – Kevin Dillon, of Juniper Networks and Chairman of the IPsphere Forum; IPsphere Forum representatives Tom Nolle of CIMI Corp., Christian Jacquenet of France Telecom, Norbert Wicker of Juniper Networks, Sten Nordell of Telenor, and Aruna Endabetla of TrueBaseline.

When – 17 – 20 April 2007

Where – Paris, France

Why – The SOA Telecom conference will explore how SOA can assist telecoms service providers align and architect their application architecture to support business processes. The IPsphere Forum’s service framework leverages key SOA fundamentals in addressing the composition of flexible services across multiple stakeholders and technologies on converged platforms.

The IPsphere Forum is an international consortium of IP services industry leaders dedicated to architecting an enhanced service management framework for IP services that – while preserving the fundamental openness & ubiquity of the Internet’s technical framework – is also capable of enabling a full range of business relationships so that co-operating providers have true flexibility in how they bring value to upstream service outcomes.

For more information on the IPsphere Forum, please visit: www.ipsphereforum.org.


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