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What is the IPsphere Forum?

The IPsphere Forum is a non-profit organization dedicated to unleashing the business and societal benefits of IP convergence.

Who are the members?

The IPsphere Forum’s global membership includes leading service providers, network equipment vendors and IT companies.  For a complete list of members, click here.

What does it do?

The IPsphere Forum is helping service providers to overcome the operational and business challenges of IP convergence – and to seize the opportunities created by new market dynamics resulting from convergence.  The IPsphere Forum is working to develop a new operational model that is cost-efficient yet flexible enough to realize these new market opportunities.

What problem is it trying to solve?

Network convergence is stuck in phase one of its development. While the technical challenges of convergence have been addressed, the business challenges remain largely unresolved. Carriers need a new operational model in order to realize the new market opportunities brought about by convergence and to deliver exciting new services to consumers.  Without a solution, convergence will remain stuck and will not deliver the much-anticipated business and societal benefits.

Who is its audience?

The IPsphere Forum is focused on helping providers of services and suppliers of network and IT solutions take advantage of the opportunities brought about by IP convergence.  Ultimately, an IPsphere-enabled environment benefits all industry constituents: service providers, IT companies, content providers, businesses and consumers.

What is different about the IPsphere Forum?

The IPsphere Forum is focused on addressing the operational and business challenges of IP convergence by developing a universal operational framework for service management.

I’m not a member (yet) but would like to attend a meeting, can I?

Absolutely.  Non-members are welcome to attend one IPsphere Forum member meeting as an invited guest and observer.  For more information, click here.

I’m a member of the media and would like to speak to someone from IPsphere Forum, what can I do?

Please contact us!  And visit our press room on the website here.  To contact IPsphere Forum, please email .

How often does the membership meet?  Where?

IPsphere Forum membership convenes 3-4 annually for its 3-day, member-hosted plenary meetings; every meeting consists of both general and breakout sessions.  Past locations have included France, California, the UK, Germany, Norway, and New York.  IPsphere Forum working and activity groups also meet regular for technical and specification related work.  These meetings take place throughout the year and are also member-hosted.  For more information on IPsphere Forum meetings, including upcoming meetings, please click here.

How much does it cost to become a member?

For a listing of membership levels, please click here.